monday morning. bah! best for pondering on the many mysteries of the world, as if mondays aren't depressing enough already.

is it just me, or did the entire population of youth just got more effeminate? red lips, curly wispy hair, pale white complexion, manja-ish tone of voice, and long slender limbs. and i was just talking about the barely-pubescent boys. see fahrenheit, f4, kat-tun (what's with this name? sounds like someone spitting.?!?!?!) and tvxq. famous up and coming boy bands. not like i'm very hip and happening, i just googled those names. frankly, i wouldn't be able to tell one boy from another with all the same above features. there must be this secret list somewhere that requires fulfilment of the said features before you can even think of joining the j-pop scene. i can imagine this conversation carrying on as we speak in some corner of the world, "sorry, your singing amatei is good, and you honda mitsubishi dance awesome, but you've really got to do something about that awful suzuki jusco tan of yours. that dark skin toyota-sony of yours is not going to rock."

i suppose there is nothing wrong with the new image of these soon-to-be man, except that all of them feel like your son. you feel like patronising them, patting them on their head and telling them to pull up their pants. perhaps this is a sign of my age, but i just cannot imagine asking any of them to help with moving boxes of books, chopping wood or making a d.i.y. furniture. ya, of course not, they are famous pop-stars!! but aside from their status, they look like they'll fall over if you blow hard enough. pretty pathetic if you think about it, because these are going to be whom we hand our future over to. male chauvinism may be so distasteful, but there is something raw, something comforting about a man wanting to protect his woman. for the young male generation nowadays, you feel just the opposite, that you need to nurture them, to harbour them.

maybe the world is becoming a more developed place, requiring more intelligence, wisdom, brain rather than brawn and sheer brute force, hence the evolution in these homo sapiens. still, there must be something out there that cannot be done with the power of the gab.

if the male population is getting more effeminate, how about the female? can the female be more female? or did they turn more butch? maybe it's a generalisation, and it's definitely not true for the entire world population, but girls nowadays speak with a very high octave voice. almost like they have swallowed an entire helium balloon. ross bagdasarian, sr. will probably be ecstatic, having no end of potential candidates to play the role of his alvin the chipmunk, but he's dead, so he wouldn't really care. it's quite cute and adorable, these little squeeky voices, but when so many asian wannabes talk with the same high-pitched nasal twang, it gets to be a little pretentious, and downright annoying. i can still hear it in my brain, having had an overdose of it last night when i was watching tv.

what are they feeding the youngsters nowadays that everybody seems to be getting an excess of female hormones? must be something they are injecting into our poultry, or perhaps our meat. chemicals to make the meat more tender, the chicken juicier, and as a side-effect, our men more endowed in the boobs department. when my little batman starts raising his little pinky to drink his cup of tea, i'm definitely cuttting off all meat from his diet!!


zewt said…
definitely sign of old age... haha...

dont worry, i think this kinda of evolution wont last long.