wanted: ms. bat-friend

i know my life span will shorten drastically if i post this up.

i am going to be so dead.


but short of advertising in this blog, i have no other way of locating her.

i have a friend.

if you call at 8am, you will not get her. she is most probably asleep.

if you call at 10am, you will still not get her. she is most probably asleep.

if you call at 12pm, you will get her voicemail. she is having lunch in her sleep.

if you call at 2pm, still don't think you can get her. she is dating mr chao's son in her dreams.

if you call at 4pm, you think you'll definitely get her.......

......but she is dating mr chao.

she is fully awake and raring to go when i have gone to bed. when i have woken up from my first bout of sleep, she is probably having supper. and back to bed i'll be.

she said she'll call me on tuesday. today is thursday. i have not heard a snore or otherwise from her.

you'll think that i have a bat for a friend. but she is not. she definitely belongs to the homo sapiens species, i can reassure you.

however, i think after i post this, i will have lost a friend. still, i couldn't resist pulling at her leg. *grins*

friend, if you see this, and you know i am talking about you, please report for attendance at the nearest information counter.

readers, if you see my obituary in the papers next week, you'll know that she has indeed reported for attendance, with a cleaver in hand.



Gift Hunter said…
i see this. forgive you this time cos you didn't spell out my name. call you tomorrow. haha
me said…
ha! your idea of calling me is a sms telling me what time u have breakfast? *faint* we need to synchronise our waking and sleeping time so that we can see more of each other. :-p