driven bonkers

i am crazy busy like hell. no time to breathe. hands shaking from trying to do as much as possible in the shortest time, with the crazy silky terrier demanding attention every few minutes and constantly jumping onto the couch and lazing there so innocently, just because he knows he is not supposed to. haizzzzzz. still, i have time to blog? for sanity sake. to vent out the craziness and the frustration. these people are going to cause my early demise by sudden heart attack any second now.

me: please look at january '16.
her: ya, february '16.
me: no. no. january '16.
her: ya ya. february '16.
me: you told me you don't february's data, that's why we are looking at jaaaaaaanuary '16 now. *rolls eyes*

issued cheque for $200 and $100. received receipts for $170 and $130. however am i going to explain that to the auditors ????? *rolls eyes*

dog happily chewing on my wooden door stopper as i type. whatever. he probably needs the fiber. *rolls eyes*

me: is the difference due to the rpgt 2% rentention sum?
her: yes
me: i thought it has been changed to 3% now?
after some time...........
her: yes, i remember that. i will deduct the difference from the next payment.

she sure didn't remember before i told her! *rolls eyes*

her: so she has the option to go back to clark by air asia or by malaysia airlines to manila.
me: how about air asia to manila?
her: errrr..........i forgot about that.
*rolls eyes*

from the very very very start, since dinosaur era, i told her specifically i wanted the foldable type of tables. since then they had to sell me products that they have absolutely no stock, no idea when stock will ever come and plain ignore my humble existence and the existence of my paid purchase order. i had to write to higher management to get their attention, at which point they offered me a smaller size of foldable, height adjustable table. desperate for anything to just close the darn case, i confirmed and they prepared for delivery. then they offered me another type, a new stock, which looked like it is not height adjustable. i enquired if the only difference is non height adjustable and if it is so, i will rather choose the new one which makes it more stable. in the end, they sent the tables: non height adjustable but also not foldable. *eyes making roller coaster circles but also note to self: people do not read long paragraphs in emails. put your email in short point forms!!!!! despite the fact that your second last sentence in the email was "please kindly advise if that is the only difference between the two*

i wanted to physically view the different types first before making the final decision and asked her which outlet will carry the product. she shouted away from the phone, "where will have that brand of table ah?". at which point i was ready to throttle her. holding that thought in mind, i calmly told her, "you should be calling up your branches and enquiring exactly which one will have stock of the foldable AND height adjusting one. not just any size, any specification. that particular one." sigh. now i am giving sentence construction classes too, apparently.

me: i couldn't tally the figures. looking at the difference, there should be some discount for this particular entry.
him: no.
me: please check
after checking........
him: they said no.
me: please send me the statement
and after checking, what do you know....... obviously the point to my story will be that there is discount for that particular entry. *rolls eyes*

i am not asking for stephen hawking or albert einstein. i just want people to stop wasting my time so that i can get more done. sigh.

to add insult to my mood, the dog just farted in his sleep right next to me. ewwwwwwwwwwww