do i know you?

i received 2 wedding invitations this week. bombs, they call it. i get faintly annoyed when i receive wedding invitations from people that i am not close with, not to mention those that i hardly know, as i am sure most people do. when someone you know well finds their other half, you feel happy for them and are grateful they have found someone to spend the rest of their lives with. but for people whose last names you don't even know, it is a little difficult to muster that type of passion for random strangers. it is pretty obvious that their intention is to rake in a little bit more income to finance the wedding and honeymoon and i scoff at such blatant display of motive. ha! there, i scoffed, but still, i understand them and accordingly, i send my best wishes in the form of cash.

however, it gets a little ridiculous when i don't know the names on the wedding invitation. the invitations somehow manage to find their way into my hands, sometimes a little mysteriously and it bears no name of the sender. the clue is in the name of the bride, bridegroom or the parents and perhaps i am suppose to solve it nancy drew style. oh no! that reference shows the age of this writer. i should make the comparison to sherlock, ie the benedict cumberbatch one and not sir arthur, which would have been even more ancient. anyway, like a fool, i had to go around asking people do i know so and so (father), or so and so (bride), or so and so (bridgegroom), like a dementia patient unsure of who and what they are supposed to know. the yardstick perhaps should be that if i would not recognise any of the names on the wedding invitation, it is not appropriate to send one to me?


doc said…

but we've never met.