insulted by a F

signing off on the year end accounts today. i just began to notice that there is a capital F behind my name, in brackets. uh...why? since i don't think i failed in my role as a director of the company, yet, i can only assume that the F must mean that this particular person by the name so and so (yes, that is my name, Ms So And So) is of the female gender. again, why? there isn't any M behind the other director, who is a male, so why this gender bias? i assume this means that by default it is a he, unless otherwise specified. have you heard of anything so prejudicial? on so many levels!

first (i can't even choose which is my first point of peeve), why does the gender of the director even matter in the financial statements? if 'she' signs, please take it with a pinch of salt? or are we so few and rare that every effort must be made to identify those rare specie and protect them? nobody has given me special treats, air-conditioned rooms and specially-grown bamboo so i don't feel very protected at all. i feel alienated and targeted for some strange reason that i have not been informed of.

secondly, the default is male. why? if there is a F behind the woman's name, shouldn't there be a M behind the man's? i do understand that the working society is predominantly male and there is more chance of hitting a male director than a female if you were to throw a rock in the city center, but if you deem it necessary to highlight the gender you should do it for both. our identity cards carry the gender of both male and female, they don't just state if you are a female and omit if you are a male. by being silent for the male gender, one is saying the default is male unless otherwise specified. i feel like i am carrying some kind of sign behind my name to advertise that i am carrying some highly contagious deadly disease. if i ever find out who is behind this great new law and i get to have the wonderful opportunity of meeting up with him (i can only assume that someone who came up with such a ridiculous idea must be a he, as with all the stupid prejudiced remarks that have been uttered by our nation's ministers and law-makers), he will never hear the end of my grumbles.

what is our country coming to? secretly, quietly, all these crazy people with prejudiced and unbalanced mentality are changing our world in the most perverse ways. people who think that it is alright to ask women to wear longer skirts or pants, to stay a metre away from the nearest male specie, who deem it alright for rapists to marry their victims....the stupidness is endless. i think our country can very well try for a record in the guinness book very soon.


doc said…
Don't be insulted because you still can't ascertain what F stands for. Live & let live & don't sweat the small stuff. Glad to have found you again